2023 September Session Self Financed-2

Courses Available

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Mechanical Design and Automation
  3. Civil Engineering in Electronic Information Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering and Automation
  5. Computer Science and Technology
  6. BBA(Bachelor of Business
  7. Administration)
  8. Biotechnology
  9. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  10. Material Science and Engineering
  11. English Language


Bachelor(4 years)English Medium


NPU President Scholarship Program(First Year Only)

A: Excellence Scholarship(First Prize)

Tuition and accommodation fee waived; Monthly Stipend 1500 RMB

B: Full scholarship(Second Prize)

Tuition waived

C: Partial Scholarship(Third Prize)

50% Tuition waived

One Belt and Road Scholarships(First Year Only)

A: Tuition waived; Living allowance 15000 RMB/Year
B:50% Tuition waived; Living allowance 15000 RMB/Year
C: Living allowance 15000 RMB/Year

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