Bukhara State Medical Institute Uzbekistan

Bukhara State Medical Institute Uzbekistan


The Bukhara State Medical Institute is a famous institution for medical education in Uzbekistan. It is one of the colleges that are recognized by the United States Department of State as a foreign college offering accredited educational programs. This university is located in Bukhara. This university has an amazing medical faculty comprised of specialists who have an outstanding career in medicine and all those who are pursuing postgraduate studies. This institute is considered the main medical college of Uzbekistan.

Bukhara State Medical Institute Uzbekistan
The students who participate in the studies at Bukhara State Medical Institute are provided with a wide variety of subjects to choose from. All the subjects offered here are taught by experts who possess enormous knowledge regarding their specialized fields. You can pursue your studies in many of the branches of the sciences. Therefore, if you are interested in physics, biology, or chemistry, then you can get all the required courses that you need. You can also choose the courses that you want to undertake.

One of the best parts of studying here at Bukhara State Medical Institute is that there are various clubs and societies which will enable you to socialize with other students. You can be a part of these clubs and societies during your free time. You can easily find a friendly colleague to help you with your studies and you can even make new friends here. When it comes to working, you can easily find a job here. There are many companies in this country that need qualified professionals to work for them, and the wages are quite high.

Studying at Bukhara State Medical Institute will provide you with good exposure to the local culture of Uzbekistan. This means that when you enroll in their Ph.D. program, you will understand the roots of this culture. In this way, you will be able to understand why certain things are done or not done in the local context. This will be very helpful in your work as a doctor.

Studying here will also give you ample opportunities to visit the historic monuments of this region. You can have a close encounter with Tivoli Gardens and the Blue Mosque. You will not only have a fascinating Ph.D. program, but you will also make an important contribution to the intellectual and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

The course work of Bukhara state Medical Institute is divided into different departments. You can choose the department that you like best. You can choose to specialize in anything that interests you, or you can focus on one of the fields. You will therefore have a wide range of choices to make when it comes to your career goals. You can become a cardiologist, a neurosurgeon, a pediatrician, an obstetrician, a surgeon, a psychiatrist, an orthographer, a radiologist, a gastroenterologist, a surgeon, a pediatrician, a physiologist, a cardiologist, a psychiatrist, a toxicologist, and even a neurologist if your interests suit you well.

If you are interested in learning more about international relations and security issues, you can take up an International Relations course. Bukhara State University also offers courses that delve into history and politics. You can opt to specialize in any of these subjects.

However, if you wish to get a job as a doctor in a renowned hospital, the most suitable course for you is a Ph.D. in Medical Science. This is the highest degree you can get here. Besides, the salary is also quite high. And there are plenty of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Uzbekistan that you can apply to once you graduate. So it’s all up to you!

Impressive Features:

  • Bukhara state Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino is a government university that is recognized by WHO.
  • Bukhara State Medical Institute is a PMC GREEN LISTED University for 06 years MD Degree Program.
  • Bukhara State Medical Institute is listed in WHED (world higher education database – HEC Pakistan  & it approved by PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission)  & MCI (Medical Council of India)Approved & it is directly under the Ministry of the health republic of Uzbekistan.
  • 200+ Foreign Students studying in MD General Medicine & BDS Dentistry in English Medium.
  • Bukhara State Medical University has a modular system which is a modern medical education system.
  • Bukhara State Medical University is not offering admission-based MBBS/MD scholarships for Medical students, but they are offering some kind of scholarships at the end of the year to excellent students.
  • Bukhara State Medical Institute has 06 years MBBS/BDS Degree Program including clinical internship or clinical rotation.
  • They have Furnished Hostels and a Mess Facility for Pakistani, Indian, and international students.
  • The syllabus of Bukhara state Medical Institute is the same as according to the international Medical education standard.

Important Points to read!

  • Air Ticket is not included in Fee Package, Student will buy a One-way air ticket to Tashkent by themselves.
  • The student will pay Embassy Fee by themselves.
  • The student will pay the First Semester Fee on arrival in U$D. The fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • The student will pay the 2nd Semester’s Fee according to the university policy when they will ask.
  • The student will pay the Residence Permit fee from the 2nd Semester to onward by themselves.
  • The student will follow the policies & rules of the College & Ministry of Health Uzbekistan.
  • Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Indian Students will follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council/PMC, Bangladeshi & Indian Medical Council’s Policy Respectively.
Admissions StatusOpen
LocationGanzhou City, Jiangxi Province
Signed Since2011
English Medium Started Since2006
Course Intake:September

Admission requirements

  1. Matriculation/O-level Certificate or Mark sheet (Grade 10)
  2. Intermediate/FSc/A-Level Certificate or Mark sheet (10+2)
  3. Passport (scan copy)
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. Police Character/Clearance Certificate (scan copy)
  6. Filled Application Form
  7. Processing Fee

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