In China, a degree conferred MBBS and Bachelor of Medicine is normally a five years program but after that one-year internship is offered. They send clinical rotation which is mainly focused on patient care. On the other hand, clinical specialization is mostly a two or three years master’s degree.

In China, there is an increasing number of international students, especially Pakistanis and Indians in every Chinese city. According to research all over the world 4.40 lakh foreign students are enrolled in MBBS programs from various parts of the world. During the Covid-19, an online education system has been run to facilitate students and has been advising students to continue their online classes without any problem.

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Why to Study MBBS in China?

Normally, the average cost for MBBS fee is approximately Rs. 7 Lac per year for the five-year program. Other expenses and the entire estimated MBBS cost is Rs. 4-5M, including all expenses. They provided scholarships for medical universities because of currency exchange updates.

Is China good for MBBS?

China was one of the greatest and most famous civilized countries in the world 5000 years ago, especially in the medical field. Studying for an MBBS in China is 70% cheaper than other similar programs in developed countries like the US or UK.

China has provided affordable tuition fees and other living expenses. If you are planning to make a career in the medical field by studying MBBS in China just take admission as soon as possible. They facilitate through providing better culture, food and quality education to motivate their students from all over the world.

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Which universities are best for MBBS in China?

  1. China has the best 45 Global Universities for MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) programs. The following are the eight best medical schools in China for MBBS.
  1. Xian Jiaotong

  2. Zheng Zhou

  3. Zhejiang university

  4. Xinjiang Medical university

  5. Tianjin University

  6. Nanjing Medical University (NJMU)

  7. Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUSM)

  8. Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SHMC)

  9. Guangzhou Medical University (GMU)

  10. Capital Medical University (CCMU)

  11. Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM)

  12. Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) 

Is it possible to study MBBS in China?

Yes, China is one of the most competitive and best value English-medium programs providers in all over the world. Several popular MBBS degree-courses for international study are offered for studying in China.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS students is not that much tough.  Because Chinese universities offer a simple and easy process to get admission and they are fully satisfied with their process. In China, the majority of students who take admission in MBBS courses are mostly international students and are not required to clear any entry examination or test. They directly offered admission to the students. In China, highly top standardized universities provide a standard education system in the medical institutes.

One of the highly attractive things is that China has been offering Scholarships to foreign student’s last couple of years. Nowadays, China ranks in the top list in the world to study MBBS in China especially, Pakistani students. There are many such top universities and colleges which facilitate a large number of students around the world these days. But, in China, most universities make an effort to enhance better education from time to time. Improve in teaching methods and training methods through setting different academic facilities of the foreign students with respect to international educational standards.

 China is offering a full range of services for international students. Mostly, students are facing many challenges regarding accommodation and other expenses. But China has provided wide range of services such as below;

  • Students are fully facilitated and they easily get visa tickets and other travel arrangements.
  • China provides cultural items according to their home country. They are minimizing culture shocks etc in international students.
  • Offering packing for your trip
  • China staff provides welcoming and other post arrival services
  • They provide high standard education and research
  • Easily get admissions and affordability of tuition Fee and hostel fee
  • Easily accreditation from various world bodies
  • Standard and affordable high living provide
  • They provide high quality transportation
  • Majority of International students enjoy the 500 years history of China
  • Friendly environment and extremely safe country
  • They avail great chance to learn a Chinese language
  • University are facilitate for internship as well
  • Very friendly and cooperative professors
  • An international environment provide

Before applying MBBS in China must have known things:

  • Students have a good knowledge about the visa rule and regulation and rights regarding foreign education.
  • Students must know about the complete fees structure. Which include accommodation, tuition fees and other expenses as well as Chinese Yuan exchange in international currency or Pakistani currency.
  • Students must approach education consultants to get all necessary information regarding admission in MBBS in China.
  • Students must have a financial budget before arriving in China. You must have some amount to meet daily expenses.
  • If you are interested in studying MBBS in China you will be able to do your medical license exam. Because after completing an MBBS degree you will be able to directly work in hospitals either in China or other countries.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine will be a part of the MBBS program in China.
  • International students must have knowledge  about scholarships like; Chinese Local Government Scholarship, University Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, Enterprise Scholarship
  • After 1st year, must pass HSK-4 only for none listed universities  and Students who speak Chinese in the final year of the MBBS program will be required to pass HSK-5 before graduation.
  • After completing the MBBS program, you need to do an internship in any clinic or hospital. So, if you have knowledge about that, universities help you to place you in any clinical setting.

MBBS in China Feature

In China there are finest universities for medical education. You can easily and make sure yourself once you are involved in medical universities in China. Without too many charges or the cheapest cost, you can complete your MBBS degree in China as compared to other countries.

International students wonder before applying to study MBBS in China because of misconceptions. So, don’t get confused. China is the best choice for studying MBBS in China. In China many universities are well equipped with high research and technologies from all over the world. According to the United States National Foundation China has invested heavily in scientific publications, which is a huge feat in the world. According to the Nature Index, China has ranked 2nd in quality of research papers published in the 82 leading journals.

China Medical University

China is one of the top medical universities. Most of the people are enrolling for MBBS China all over the world especially for Pakistani students.

In China medical universities offer a quality education with well qualified professors and teachers who excel in their field. 

China Medical University is the first academic institution in Taiwan city in China. Chinese medicine pharmacy mostly works on herbs, health care, life science management and public health education, research and practical programs are provided. In China medical universities have top-ranked laboratories, they have comprehensive teaching hospitals, and strong staff commitment to students. Most medical universities provide a total approach to medical education in caring for patients and a well-equipped environment.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2023:

The federal and provincial government of China has initiated scholarships for Pakistani students to MBBS in China 2023 and has restricted some eligibility as follows.

  •  All those candidates who are Pakistani or AJK nationals/noncitizens of China
  • Applicants must not be more than 25 years of age
  •  Undergraduate candidates must possess an HSSE certificate
  • Applicants must secure 50% marks in aptitude test taken by the China MBBS Scholarship authorities in each relevant University
  • One who is medically fit and approved
  • The minimum score in the 12th class is 60% in PCB
  • The minimum age limit of students should be 17 years.

MBBS in China Top Universities Fee 2023-2024:

There are some top MBBS medical universities in China. Which are given below detail list which cost of studying MBBS in very low than other countries. These universities are officially approved by PMC and WHO recognized top universities. Students are eligible for PLAB, NLE, MCI, AMC, NMC, WCAME, GMC, and WFME Certification.

No.Name Of UniversitiesMediumDuration of ProgramLocationTuition Fee structure 2023Website
01Shihezi University (MOE Listed)English Medium06 yearsShiheziFirst two semester = 6,300U$D From 2nd to 6th=5300 U$Dhttp://ciejzmu.com/jzmu/
02Ningxia Medical University (MOE Listed)English Medium06 yearsYinchuanTuition Fee = RMB 29,800 Per Yearhttp://www.ningxiamedical.com/home.htm
03 Qingdao University (MOE Listed)English Medium06 yearsQingdaoTuition Fee = 30,000 RMB/Yearhttps://english.qdu.edu.cn/
04Nanjing Medical University (Listed)English Medium06 yearsJiangsuTuition Fee = 34,000 RMB/Yearhttps://english.njmu.edu.cn/
05Chongqing Medical University (Listed)English Medium06 yearsChongqingTuition Fee = 30000 RMB per yearhttps://english.cqmu.edu.cn/
06Zhengzhou University (MoE Listed)English Medium06 yearsZhengzhouTuition Fee = 35,000 RMB/Yearhttp://english.zzu.edu.cn/
07Dalian Medical University (Listed)English Medium06 yearsGuangzhouTuition Fee = 45,000 RMB/Yearhttps://english.dmu.edu.cn/
08Southern Medical University (Listed)English Medium06 yearsGuangdongTuition Fee = 40,000 RMB/Yearhttp://portal.smu.edu.cn/en/
09Harbin Medical UniversityEnglish Medium06 yearsHarbinTuition Fee = 30,000 RMB/Yearhttps://www.hrbmu.edu.cn/english
10China Medical University(MOE Listed)English Medium06 yearsShenyangTuition Fee = 40,000 RMB/Yearhttps://english.cmu.edu.tw/
11Liaoning Medical University (Jinzhou Medical University)English Medium06 yearsJinzhouTuition Fee = 32,000 RMB/Yearhttp://ciejzmu.com/jzmu/
12Kunming Medical University (Listed)English Medium06 yearsKunmingTuition Fee = 35,000 RMB/Yearhttps://www.kmmc.cn/Pages_1900_39348.aspx
13Guangzhou Medical University (Listed)English Medium06 yearsGuangzhouTuition Fee = 30,000 RMB/Yearhttps://en.gzhmu.edu.cn/
14Fujian Medical University (Listed)English Medium06 yearsFuzhouTuition Fee = 35,000 RMB/Yearhttps://en.fjmu.edu.cn/

Reason to study in MBBS in China

  •  MBBS field is one of the world class programs in the world. In China many universities are recognized internationally.
  • In China MBBS is economically worthwhile because it is affordable and a destination all over the world.
  •  MBBS is a worldwide recognized and prestigious university in China. International students obtained a certificate from their country.
  • Most of the MBBS universities in China have global standards of MBBS education.
  • China is rapidly growing and progressing economically and infrastructurally. But the cost of living and tuition in MBBS is lower as compared to other developing countries.
  • MBBS in China has easy access to top medical universities in China.
  •  Students graduating in MBBS are eligible to attend medical screening tests in their own countries.
  • MBBS is one of the quick processes to becoming a professional doctor.
  • Attractive campus life style in China for medical students.
  • Enrollment rates in medical colleges, especially in MBBS students, might be around $ 1000-2000 annually.

What type of courses are offered by Chinese Medical Universities?

The following are some courses related to medical programs in China:

Course NameDuration Of Completion
MBBS/Clinical Medicine program6 Years
Dentistry Program 5 Years
Bachelors in Pharmacy 4 Years
Bachelors in Nursing4 Years

Advantages of Studying MBBS in China

There are many benefits for MBBS students like; most of the medical universities in China have enjoyed the education system. Because the faculty treats all international students and they learn more productive things in practical and theoretical life. Especially for international students, there are several accredited and good universities to start their MBBS career. The following are some advantages, which are given below.

Studying MBBS in China is affordable especially, for third world countries:

  • Duration six years MBBS program in China costs a maximum of around $30,000 to $50,000. Compared to other countries like; UK or US will charge double.
  • Top universities or well recommended universities cost admission charges $1000 to $2000. Students don’t need to pay any fee before admission or confirmation.
  • The Government of China offered remission in tuition fee cost for students. They try minimizing a lot of burden from students.

China is the safe and fully secure country; harmony and peaceful land

  •  The Chinese government has no room for criminals; they have very strict rules and regulation of crime. Due to this, crime rates are low each year.
  • The Chinese government fully provides special care for international students like healthy environment within university premises.

Chinese people have great knowledge, they dig out knowledge from the roots. They consider it to be a part of their culture:

  •  Chinese universities have the oldest medical history, almost more than 23 centuries old.
  • Most medical pharmacies have herbal medicines that are more than 2200 years old.
  • Majority of medical students come seeking knowledge and experiment.

 Modern style of cooking the freshness and delicious dishes; nouvelle cuisine

  • Chinese food is more famous and loved all over the world.
  • Chinese nouvelle cuisine has provided a wide Variety of famous food items; most people enjoy delicious dishes.

          0ther key benefits points which are show in below:

  • Economically, a strong and stable environment in the world.
  • Worth able and stable tuition fees
  • Good and quality qualification
  • Research base studies and experiment base traditional herbal medicine
  • They spoken and learn the world’s languages
  • Large number of country to explore
  • Most of the good universities are recognized by medical field
  • IELTS and other English proficiency tests are less required by universities. Most of the universities are simple and hassle-free.
Drawbacks/Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China Some are the disadvantages of studying medicines in China are as following;

Language is main barriers especially for international students:

  • Communication is the main way to convey messages and interaction with each other. In China, the majority of international students understand and speak the English language. It’s quite difficult for international students to understand and learn the Chinese language. 
  • Majority, of the faculty are not good at English. This will create communication hurdles between the teachers and students.
  • It’s more challenging to do MBBS from China. Because extra costs are incurred to get familiar with the Chinese language to treat patients, this causes extra tension in students.
  • HSK4 is required to start for medical and clinical studies which start from second year of MBBS program and HSK5 required for internship and degree for Non listed Universities.

Weather /Climate change effected:

  • China is a cold and extensive country; it’s totally different all throughout the country. Large portion of the months are cold the whole year. The average temperature line is between -13C to 25C.
  •  Forecast of weather regular snow falls from June till January in the nine months winter season.
  • Most of the people are getting illnesses more frequently cause of cold weather.
  • Majority of MBBS do few explorations school premises before seeking MBBS degree in China.

Accommodation Cost:

  • Large numbers of students are international to study outside of their home country. It’s quite difficult to manage the cost of living and other expenses.
  • Majority of the international students stay in leased rooms which are near to their campuses in china.
  • Most of the students intensely dislike high living costs; they try to spend fewer amounts on accommodation.
  • Additionally, outside the campus food is quite expensive as compared to inside.
  • Outside things are risky, because health issues and deciding to study medicine in China make sure you consider yourself as well.

Chance of Fraud:

  • In China there are some such colleges which have a terrible reputation because of the lousy quality education provided. Few colleges have a fraud system and they provide fake degrees which have no worth.
  • Such colleges give lesser quality education and make zero level ability insight for the student.

Other key issues in China:

  • During the practical/ practice or internships, international students face many problems. They restricted touching patients and treatment.
  • Few chances got to practical training provided by the most china clinical universities.
  • They are not allowed to directly apply their knowledge on human beings; all things are done in dummies. This becomes a big issue in their practical field as well as a specialist.
  • MBBS program their initial three year tenure in classrooms through presentation on LCD screen. But they are not allowed to take any lab meetings.


  • China provides a number of opportunities to study MBBS and is one of the popular destinations for studying abroad. Understanding the Chinese language is an integral part for studying in China. It is a fact that China is an emerging economic superpower and its universities contributed to the country’s economic development. Thus the government of China is offering a number of education facilities to the international students. Government supports international students from different academic disciplines.

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MBBS in China Top Universities Fees Structure 2023:

University nameTuition fee Structure 2023hostel fee Structure 2023Duration of ProgramMediumlocationApply
North China University Of Science & Technology18000 RMB5000 RMB6 yearsEnglish + Chinese Tangshan city , Hebei province Apply
Yichun University 18500 RMB4500 RMB 6 yearsEnglish + Chinese Yichun City , Jiangxi province Apply
Wuhan University Of Science & Technology18000 RMB3600 RMB6 yearsEnglish + Chinese Wuhan city ,Hubei province Apply
Gannan Medical University30000 RMB4000 RMB6 yearsEnglish + Chinese Ganzhou city , Jiangxi province Apply
Kunming University18500 RMB1400 RMB6 yearsEnglish + Chinese kunming city, Yunnan province Apply
Ningxia Medical University29800 RMB5000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Yinchun City, Ningxia Province Apply
Shishezi University 30000 RMB5000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Shishezi, Xinjiang Apply
Jiangsu University 34000 RMB4900 RMB 6 yearsEnglish Zhenjiang city, jiangsu province Apply
Yangzhou University 30000 RMB6000 RMB 6 yearsEnglish Yangzhou city, jiangsu province Apply
Zhejiang University 48000 RMB6000 RMB 6 yearsEnglish Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province Apply
Harbin Medical University 30000 RMB4000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Harbin city, Heilongjiang province Apply
China Three gorges University 24000 RMB4800 RMB6 yearsEnglish Yichang city, Hubei province Apply
Zhengzhou University 35000 RMB5500 RMB6 yearsEnglish Zhengzhou city , Henan province Apply
Xian jiaotong University 40000 RMB8000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Xian city , Shaanxi province Apply
Guangzhou Medical University 30000 RMB6000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Guangzhou city, Guangdong province Apply
Qingdao University 30000 RMB10000 RMB 6 yearsEnglish Qingdao city, Shandong province Apply
Xinjing Medical University 36000 RMB4500 RMB6 yearsEnglish Urumqi city , Xinjing province Apply
Capital Medical University 50000 RMB15000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Beijing , Beijing province Apply
Chongqing Medical University 30000 RMB4800 RMB6 yearsEnglish Chongqing City Apply
Dalian Medical University 42000 RMB10000 RMB 6 yearsEnglish Dalian city , liaoning province Apply
South Medical University 45000 RMB6000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Guangzhou city, Guangdong province Apply
China Medical University 40000 RMB5000 RMB6 yearsEnglish shenyang city , liaoning province Apply
Fuijian Medical University 35000 RMB4000 RMB6 yearsEnglish Fuzhou city , Fujian Province Apply
Nakhchivan state University 3000 $500 $6 yearsEnglish Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic , Azirbaijan Apply
Bukhara State Medical University 4000 $400 $6 yearsEnglish Bukara City , Uzbekistan Apply

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