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 If you have a dream of doing an MBBS from Azerbaijan, then Nakhchivan State University is a prestigious institution to be studied from. Nakhchivan State University is one of the most well-known educational institutions in Azerbaijan. It offers different subjects and areas of study in highly enriched buildings and departments will all required facilities. The incorporative agreements with more than 50 universities from 4 continents have made it a  distinguished institution in Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan State University is equipped with internet centres, labs, an electronic library, Modern information technologies, and Wireless Internet Connections all over the University.

Nakhchivan State University was established in 1967, and it is currently offering education in more than 90 majors. More than 7000 students studying at this University from all around the world, including America, Canada, Eastern Europe, India, and Pakistan. With 14 educational buildings, this University occurs in a territory of 266 hectares. Many well-educated and highly-skilled professors in different majors and subjects are presenting their services at this institution.

Admissions Status Open
Location Azerbaijan
Signed Since 2022
English Medium Started Since 2015
Course Intake:

MBBS in Nakhchivan State University

 Have you made a plan to travel to Azerbaijan to study MBBS? The Nakhchivan State University is a top-notch University for studying MBBS in Azerbaijan. Many people travel from all around the world to study MBBS in Europe, and they find their dreams at Nakhchivan State University, and then they stop there.

If you are a Pakistani Student and want to study at Nakhchivan State University, then It is good news for you that Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has already approved this University. More than 900 International students are studying here in different areas of study. Most of the international students in this University are from Turkey and Pakistan.

To study MBBS at Nakhchivan State University, you will also get a foreign faculty that will educate your medical studies in the English language rather than the local language of Azerbaijan. So, studying MBBS at Nakhchivan State University is not a hard task to complete. You can easily get your dream fulfilled by getting admission to this University.

Fee Structure Nakhchivan State University MBBS


To be admitted to Nakhchivan State University, you should have prior knowledge about the fee structure of this University. The course duration of the MBBS degree is about 6.5 years. The eligibility criteria are also required to be fulfilled to get admission to Nakhchivan State University. You should have 50% passing marks in your 12th Grade education. The medium of instruction during the course duration will be the English language.

We are going to discuss The Nakhchivan State University Fee structure below:

Fee Description 1.5 years 2nd to 6th Per year
Tuition Fee Included $3000
Hostel Fee Included 500
Management Charges Included NIL
Insurance Included $200
Total Payable in Two Installments $7000 $3700

Fee Installment Process

When you are successfully able to get admission to Nakhchivan State University, you pay your fee for your Semester or Year in your relevant department in the University. You can submit the fee for the upcoming course duration, which will be around one year, to the University. It is also a good option for students in that they can pay their fees in two installments. While paying your fee, you may keep these points in your mind.

  •         You can pay the first year’s fee in two installments.
  •         The currency in which you will pay the fee will be USD.
  •         When the fee is paid, it will not be refunded. So, you should pay your fee by knowing all these details.
  •         Students can also pay the student and hostel fee per Semester after completing one year of their education.
  •         The fee you will pay will solely be the University education fee. The charges for food or air tickets will not be included in this fee.
  •         If you are a Pakistani Student, you will need to follow the guidelines and rules prescribed by PMC and Azerbaijan’s education ministry.

How to apply to Nakhchivan State University

You will have to adopt a certain procedure to get admission to Nakhchivan State University. To apply for admission to the University, you should have your previous result cards and certificates. University has also provided an online application method to the students. You can upload your scanned documents on the site in relevant sections. To apply, you will need these documents that we are going to discuss below:

 Application Form

To get admission to Nakhchivan State University, you will have to fill out the admission application form. You can get this application form from the official site of the University. This application form is also available online on the university website, where you can fill and submit it.

 SSC Mark sheet

To get MBBS admission to Nakhchivan State University, you will have to show your previous result records of previous classes. You will need your class 10th mark sheet to get admission to this University.

HSSC Mark sheet

As you require a Grade 10th mark sheet, you’ll also need to submit your mark sheet for grade 12th. In the online application process, you can use the scanned documents of the original files. You will require a 50% result in your Grade 12th to get admission to this University.

 Passport First page in Scan

You will need to scan the first page of your passport and attach it to your application form. These details will confirm your identity, your country, and your basic introduction. So, you should have your passport while applying for admission to Nakhchivan State University.

 Medical Check-up

You will need to have your medical checkup information and documents at the time of applying for admission. To avoid the spread of any lethal disease in the country, you will need some medical reports to get admission to the University of Azerbaijan.

 Police clearance certificate

To get information about any criminal activity, the University has the rule to submit a police clearance certificate that will show that you haven’t been involved in any criminal activity in the past. You may get this certificate from the police station in whose jurisdiction you are living.

 One Digital photo with white background

You will need a Photo with a white background that will be attached or linked to your application form that will confirm your identity.

 Signed Fee Package

After submitting and entering all details and information, you will need to have the signed fee package. By transferring the admission fee, you can use apex or attach your signed challan with your application form to get admission to Nakhchivan State University.

Nakhchivan State University for Pakistani Students

As compared to many other countries in Europe, the degree expenses of MBBS in Azerbaijan are less and inexpensive. MBBS at Nakhchivan State University is one of the best choices for Pakistani Students. At this University, most of the International students are already studying in Turkey and Pakistan. So, if you have a dream to study and do an MBBS in Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan State University would be your best option.

Admission Procedure and Fee Schedule for Pakistani Students

Nakhchivan State University is allowing Pakistani Students, as well as other International students, to study general medicine in the language of English. The degree you will get from Nakhchivan State University will be acceptable by the Pakistan Medical Commission. You’ll have full rights to do medical jobs in Pakistan. The course duration of the study will be 6 years, and in these years, the one year of the internship will also be included.

The fee expenses are also not so high for Pakistani students at Nakhchivan State University. Pakistani students can get medical education from this University in the amount of approximately 8.5 lakhs in Pakistani Rupees. This amount will cover the tuition and hostel fee for one year. University accepts new students for the Fall semester every year. The fee structure of the Nakhchivan State University for Pakistani Students is as below:

Fee Type Amount in USD
General Medicine (MBBS) Tuition $1500/Semester
Hostel Fee $240/Semester
Insurance Fee $100/year
Visa/Immigration Fee $100/Year

Nakhchivan State University Faculty of Medicine

As far as the departments of Medicine at Nakhchivan State University are concerned, the four departments are working within the faculty as structural divisions.

Basic Medical Sciences

The basic disciplines of the sciences are being studied in this department, and these disciplines are Pathological anatomy, Pathological physiology, Medical biology and genetics, Microbiology, Cytology, embryology, and histology. Usually, there are 12 teachers and 3 teaching assistants providing their teaching services in this department. This department also has three laboratories. This department was established in 2000.

General medicine and clinical subjects

The subjects related to General medicine and clinical studies are also being taught in this department of the University. This department has been actively participating in these subjects and their teachings from the Year of 2009. At this time, Sixteen professors are providing their services in this department.


If you have an interest in dentistry, this University has also provided this department. Many students across the world get admission to this department and complete their degrees in this subject.

Pharmacy and biochemistry

Pharmacy and Biochemistry are also being taught at this University. There are numerous skilled and professional teachers in this department who are providing their teaching services to their students.


To get admission or study MBBS at Nakhchivan State University is a valuable decision that may be taken to get a bright and successful career. This University has its specific procedure, admission requirements, eligibility criteria, and fee structure for the students who want to get admission. We have tried to discuss all the essential details in this article that should be kept in mind while deciding and applying for getting admission to Nakhchivan State University.

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