The Chinese government has made it very easy for international students to study BDs in China. A Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree is awarded to a successful student who completes a program of study in the field of dentistry.

If you want to become a dentist and pursue BDS, then China is the best and secure country for all international students. Medical universities with BDS programs in China are among the top-ranked universities across the world. 

If the performance of students is outstanding at university, then China Medical Universities offers different types of scholarships for international students. Hundreds of students avail these scholarships in China for their studies. 

The important thing for medical students is that Chinese universities are subsidized by the Chinese government. There is no entry test for getting admission to the universities of China. Modern technology is used in dentistry. A large number of Pakistani and international students have come to study in China in the last 25-30 years. 

There is an English medium for medical universities in China. Course duration for BDS in China is for six years like MBBS, but in Pakistan and India courses duration for BDS in china is for five years.


Stomatology In China

  1. The optimal way to learn different languages is to study abroad. You can easily or quickly learn the languages by seeing and listening on a daily basis. Can get the opportunity to know about the culture and civilizations as well.
  2. It provides an adventurous life to study abroad. Holidays and weekends give you a chance to explore and adventure into your surroundings. Studying abroad often puts you on totally different continents; you might otherwise visit it before or after.
  3. Studying abroad provides you an opportunity to know others’ cultures first hand, like differences in their languages, dress, food, their appearances, and their personal habits as well. Students who want to experience different cultures personally can truly understand other cultures.
  4. Studying abroad provides you with more and more skills that will never be provided in the classroom. It is so exciting to conquer strengths and abilities, new challenges, and to solve new problems as well.
  5. Studying abroad provides opportunities to make friends from all over the countries because abroad, you will never meet only native people but also international ones.
  6. Studying abroad aids us in learning about ourselves. When students return from other countries, their mindset is totally developed and comes with new ideas. The experience may strengthen their values and culture through new eyes.
  7. Studying abroad expands your worldview in different ways beyond the nation’s boundaries.
  8. Studying abroad enhances the opportunity to avail of different jobs related to their field. Students who study abroad are self-motivated, independent, and have the ability to cope with challenges or problems.

Eligibility Criteria For Bds In China

There are basic eligibility criteria for getting admission in BDs in China. The age limit for getting admission in China for BDS is between 18 to 25 years. Students should have good grades in SSC and FSc. And having the foundation of a Science base should involve Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, too. There’s no need for English proficiency in China.

  1. Age limit: between 18 to 25 years.
  2. Education Background: SSC and FSC in Science with 60 to 70% (depending on universities).
  3. Study duration: six years including internship.
  4. The minimum cost for admission: The tuition fee is 45000 per semester(depending on universities). 
  5. The minimum cost for food and living costs: is between 1,000 and 1,200$ in the main cities of China. And in other cities, you have to manage between 600-1,000/ USD per month.
  6. Chinese dental education model: includes general lectures, tutorials, practicals with experiments, demonstration hospital duties and real-time patient handling and clinics, surgical operations.
  7. Teaching language: English.

Fee Structure For Bds In China

Studying in China is not expensive as compared to US countries, but yes, education in China is also good. The tuition fee is 45000 CNY per semester, but the amount varies from university to university. The initial application fee is $150 and this is not refundable. The basic requirements for admission to Chinese universities are HSK scores.

Normally, admission open for different universities starts from November to March, whereas for Spring admission starts from September to November. There are no requirements for IELTS and bank statements for getting admission to universities in China.

   Top 05 BDS Chinese Universities

  1. Peking University

  • Ranking: 16
  • Location: Changchun, Province Jilin 
  • Acceptable Nationalities: All
  • Total Seats: Limited
  • BDS English Medium: Course Duration
  • Tuition Fee: 26,000 to RMB  30,000 per year
  • Hostel Fee: 4,500 to 5,500 RMB (Single room)
  • Service Charges: Negotiable
  1. West China Hospital Of Stomatology

  • Ranking: 3rd In China
  • Location: Sichuan
  • Acceptable Nationalities: All
  • Total Seats: Limited
  • BDS English Medium: Course Duration
  • Tuition Fee: 50,000 RMB
  • Hostel Fee: 4000 RMB
  • Service Charges: Negotiable
  1. Peking University Health Science Center

  • Ranking: 2nd in China
  • Location: Changchun
  • Acceptable Nationalities: all
  • Total Seats: Limited
  •  BDS English Medium: Course Duration
  • Tuition Fee: 35000 RMB
  • Hostel Fee: 3750 RMB
  • Service Charges: Negotiable
  1. Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

  • Ranking: 5th in China
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Acceptable Nationalities: All
  • Total Seats: Limited

BDS English Medium: Course Duration

    •  Tuition Fee:3,610 USD
    • Hostel Fee:4500-11900 CNY/ Semester both in autumn and summer)
    • Service Charges: Negotiable

Documents required for BDS in China

Before applying for admission to any university,  read the application procedure and prepare all required documents. Applicants must upload all of the required documents and verify them before the deadline.

Here is a list of required documents for getting admission in China;

  • Fill out the complete Online Application form.
  • Applicants must submit their previous academic credentials, i.e. SSC and HSSC certificates and transcripts.
  • Prepare a study plan in Chinese or English.
  • Provide a scanned copy of the passport.
  • Prepare Resume/CV must mention your experiences and provide a proof copy of experience.
  • Physical examination records must be provided.

Faculty and Staff in China

Chinese Universities’ classrooms are well furnished, having facilities for projectors and multimedia.  Most Chinese faculty are graduates from Europe and some of them have doctoral degrees. Some dentistry faculty in different universities have foreign teaching experience like Pakistan, India, Nepal, etc. All faculty have full command of the English language to teach in Universities.


Teachers are fully committed to their duty. And students can benefit from teachers’ expertise and knowledge all the time. Teachers are fully skilled in their specific fields or departments. In the BDS program, there are high caliber teachers and professors with good experiences.


In this era, Chinese medical professors have good reputations throughout the entire world due to their high ability and their achievements. In medical fields, this makes it a highly favorable destination for international students. All the staff and teachers are best in their work and subjects. Almost every medical professor has 4 to 5  teaching experience in medical universities and experience in practical work; some of them have laboratory experience and some have hospital experience with appropriate degrees. And also medical universities have huge or great contributions in the research field. 


Applications Procedures

It is very necessary to know about the application procedures in interested universities through their specific website. Here are the various steps ;


  • Carefully read the given guidelines of application. 
  • Submit your completed application to the Department of International Affairs by mail, post, and fax.
  • If you are applying online then you must submit your application form online.
  • You must upload the above-given documents. 
  • You must confirm the application information before the given deadlines.


Step 1: Firstly, you must send an application, when the University of China accepts then the University will issue the Visa letter for BDS admission confirmation in China BDS university.

Step 2: Then for a student visa, you should receive the admission letter.

Step 3: Finally, get your visa ready, then ready to fly by packing your bags, etc

Campus Scenes

Overall, Chinese Universities are very attractive and beautiful. And Chinese Universities are the best places to call home while you study. The faculty and all the staff are very cooperative with their students. Class teachers mostly preferred discussions, activities, practicals in the laboratory, role plays. 


Teachers use class time wisely so the students maximize their experiences. In Chinese Universities, the buildings are more attractive. In medical universities, especially dentistry universities, there are a huge number of laboratories within the campus for practical and experiment purposes. Every medical University in China has a modern type of educational infrastructure. 


All BDS universities in China have all requirements in terms of teaching materials. They have good laboratories where the students practice what they have been learning in class. The Institute has split into lecture departments and research centers like research centers apart from medicine, regenerative, oral immunobiology, ral bioengineering, dental public health and primary care, and oral clinical research.


Dentistry Laboratories

The laboratory consists of six types of units like Oral Tumor Biology Lab, Oral Bioengineering/Regenerative Medicine, Microbiology lab, prosthodontics lab, and oral pathology lab. There are great facilities for students. All types of equipment and tools for medical students are available in laboratories. 

There are great facilities for dental treatment, teaching, health care, and research with a high level of practical and theoretical skills. In laboratories, huge machines related to dentistry are available, so the students learn things practically. There are fields of pathogenesis, molecular diagnosis, treatment research, and oral cancer for research. And research fields like oral region development, oral hereditary diseases genetic research, and as well as engineering of oral tissue and biomaterial. 

Almost every teacher in laboratories of BDS and MBBS laboratories is totally working on research-based.  Most of the Universities of china are well known for research because they have great contributions in discovering and exploring different types of diseases as well.

Their research strategies totally focus on improving the treatment and diagnosis of oral diseases through critical understanding on cellular, molecular and physiological basis for effective approaches to preventing the diseases, well health promotions and also strengthening the global health systems as well.

Courses in BDS

1st semester: Somatology Introduction, Systemic Anatomy in Human, Basic Medical Chemistry.

2nd semester: Embryology and Histology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

3rd semester: Medical Microbiology, Cellular Biology, Medical and Physiology Microbiology.

4th semester: Statistics of Medical, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and Lab Functional.

5th semester: Oral Biology, Oral Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery, and Histopathology of Oral.

6th semester: Stomatology(Dentistry) Equipment, Materials in Dental, Orthodontics, Internal Medicine, Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery I, Prosthodontics I, Oral Medicine I. 

7th semester: Maxillofacial and Oral II, Oral Medicine II, Prosthodontics II, Maxillofacial and 

Oral Radiological Diagnosis, Dentistry Preventive, Dentistry Pediatrics, Pharmacology Dental Clinical, and also English Professional for Dentistry.

8th and 9th semester: Clinical Practice.

10th semester: Elective Courses, Graduation Papers, Social Medicine and Science of law Sanitary.

Quality Chinese BDS program

Worldwide, ‌ Chinese medical universities are best ranked among other field universities.

Due to the use of modern technologies in the Dentistry University as well known. English-medium BDS program was started in Chinese Universities; lots of international students graduated, having good jobs in their home countries. 

The MBBS and BDS degree is highly acceptable all over the world and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Medical Schools (WMS). Most of the international students graduated in the medical field, now, they are in great positions like some have opened their own clinics in their home country and have FPSC qualified positions in Pakistan too. After clearing the degree, ‌ international students can practice in their countries.

PMC green list university in Uzbekistan

PMC green list universities in Uzbekistan are.

  • Bukhara state medical university (MBBS 5 year program & 6years for MD )
  • Samarkand state medical university (MBBS 5 year program  & 6years for MD)
  • Tashkent state medical university, (MBBS 5 year program  & 6years for MD)
  • Andijan state medical university(MBBS 5 year program  & 6years for MD)

Visa Process for Medical Students

  • Most universities in China usually offer admission in fall September, but if all seats are reserved then they offer March/Spring as well. Some Universities offer admission in March for BDS Applicants. In China, because of the shortage of BDS seats, they are getting more important in June or July intake. After getting admission to the desired University, students get registration in Chinese University, usually at the end of summer holidays at the start of summer. It is very important for every applicant to read carefully before applying for a Visa at the China Embassy.

     Here’s the way to process for Visa to study in China;

    • First, download the application form from the website of your own country’s Chinese Embassy.
    • Provide “JW202’’original form. This form will be provided by China BDS Educational Institution(CMEI) via courier. After this, you will receive full payment and confirm your placement at the Medical University of China.
    • Admission letter from your chosen university sends you an admission letter via courier.
    • Provide two recent  passport size photos,
    • You should provide a valid passport that has six months remaining before expiring.
    • There should be a blank page in your passport.
    • Provide application fee

    The normal Visa process time is between 7-10 days. However, you may also request to do the process before its working days, but you have to pay an additional cost. The China Medical team recommends the requirements together as soon as possible in order to ensure that you reach the university on time.

Study BDS in China Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    Education in China is considered 4th best in the entire world. Studying BDS in China is not as expensive as compared to other countries like America, the UK, etc. Maximum expenditures in China are about 1.3 to 1.6 million rupees, whereas in other countries double ‌ this amount. There is no need for IELTS or TOEFL and bank statements. 

    For Pakistani students, the visa ratio is very high as compared to students from other countries. The majority of universities teach in the English medium. There are no conditions for proficiency in English and Chinese languages. Most of the international students come every year, and in Medical schools or Universities, there are highly qualified and foreign faculty as well. No entry test is compulsory for BDS students and they require above 60% for admission. 

    Native people of China are heartily welcomed by Pakistani students. There is no entry test for medical students. The Government of China subsidized the Universities of China. The BDS fee for the course is reasonable as compared to MBBS and abroad to China. All the BDS universities for BDS are recognized by MCI, WHO and also approved by PMDC. You can easily find Pakistani and Indian food in China as well. 

    Students have also the opportunity to pursue PG from any European country to complete their BDS course in China. Chinese universities also prepare ‌ students from the first year of the screening test. Students can easily adjust themselves in Chinese Universities hostels. They are fully furnished, have a good food menu as well as central heating.


    Some Chinese Universities are not offering scholarships for international students. When they get admission, it is compulsory to learn Chinese as a subject. During their studies, Medical students are not allowed to do extra work for their personal earning. After graduating medical students, students should clear the PMDC NEB. BDS holders are not allowed to job in the local market because many consultants give wrong information for the sake of money.


     Most weak students cannot pass their PMDC-NEB exam, facing very difficulties during studies because of the tough syllabus. You have different options except for BDS, you can avail other opportunities. Before making any decision, you must consider them too.

BDs Fee Structure For Pakistani Students

  • BDs in China are one of the best options for international students. The fee structure is reasonable and it offers a variety of financial aid options. The Chinese government offers scholarships to foreign students who are academically exceptional. Although there are few BDs in Asia programs available, many medical schools in China offer BDS in English. In addition, MOE Listed Universities usually offer the most competitive fee packages.

    The cost of a BDs in China varies widely. A full-time course is 1.3 million to 1.6 million rupees. In addition, many students choose the Chinese education option because of the low tuition fees, scholarships, and an international standard of education. In addition, all courses are offered in English. Moreover, China’s history and culture inform its clinical medicine. Admission to BDS in China is competitive; a minimum score of 60% is required. In China, the admission process is very fast.

    The fee structure for BDS in China is quite affordable. The total cost of studying in China ranges from 1.3 million to 1.6 million rupees. The cost of tuition and fees is low and most universities have English medium courses. The Chinese education system is ranked fourth in the world and has a rich and ancient tradition. Furthermore, Chinese medical schools have foreign-qualified faculty members and Pakistani students are welcome in their new homes.

    BDs in China fees are lower than in Pakistan. Most international students opt for western medical schools because they have low tuition fees and scholarship options. The fee package is typically about Rs. 250,000 to three million. Some universities offer scholarships for international students, and the Chinese government helps subsidize the tuition costs. If you are looking for a good education abroad, BDS inChina may be the best option for you.

    If you are interested in studying BDS in China, it is a great opportunity to study abroad. The fee structure is not expensive and is comparable to that of a BDs program in the US. In addition, the students from Pakistan will be able to learn English well, thanks to the language of instruction in the school. They will be able to practice their newly acquired skills quickly, and they will be ready to work in the country after they graduate.

    While there are several private dental schools in China that accept students without donations, you can find a good university if you have an MCI-approved institution. The fee structure is reasonable for a government-approved medical school, but fees for private colleges in China vary greatly. Compared to the US, BDs in China has lower fees than BDs in India. As a result, it is an ideal choice for those who are considering studying abroad.

    The fee structure for a private medical school is generally much higher than that of a private dental school. The fees for private colleges in China vary significantly. For Pakistani students, the cost of studying in a government medical college is comparable to that of a BDs in the US. The government-run schools are not regulated by the government but are still an excellent option for future career opportunities.

    For international students, BDs in China is a great option. The fee structure is very reasonable and affordable. The program takes about three years to complete. The cost of studying in China is much lower than that of an equivalent degree in the United States. For a Pakistani student, the tuition for a Bachelor’s in a foreign country is lower than that of a Bachelor’s in the US.

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