Yangtze University

Yangtze University

Yangtze University


Total acreage: 251 hectares

Total floor space: 1.23 million square meters

Full-time student body: over 34,000

Faculty members: 3,128 including 2,166 full-time instructors

Professors: 315; Associate professors: 774

National Excellent Teachers and Hubei Famous Teachers: 7

Experts having special grants from the State Council and Hubei Province: 66

Student to teacher ratio is 16: 1

Collection of libraries: paper books: 3.21 million: electronic books: 2.0 million

Courses & Duration

 Clinical Medicine { 6 Years }

Yangtze University has 3 post-doctor stations, 15 PhD programs, 175 master’s programs and 102 undergraduate programs covering 11 disciplines including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art. Its National Unique Programs are Resources exploration engineering, Prospecting technology and engineering, Petroleum engineering, Agriculture, Machine design manufacturing and automation, Chemical engineering and technology.


There are 16 Hubei Brand Programs with Geological resource and geological engineering, Crop science, Petroleum and natural gas engineering, Chemical engineering and technology, Mechatronic engineering, Agriculture and forestry economics and management, Physics, Computer Science and Technology, Plant protection, Landscape architecture, Clinical medicine, Aquaculture science, Education and Chinese literature.

The 4 disciplines of Petroleum and natural gas engineering, Geophysics, Landscape architecture, Geological resource, and geological engineering rank in top 10 in China. Yangtze University has its distinctive research features in petroleum science and technology, waterlogging disasters and wetland agriculture, studies of Jingzhou culture and etc.

Yangtze University is the Pilot Institution of National Students Innovation Training Project, National Model Institution of Cooperative Education and Hubei Petroleum Postgraduate Innovation Base. Its mission focuses on helping students to learn innovative approaches and creative abilities to solve technical and scientific issues. YU international students have opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, including student government, intramural sports, and student clubs and organizations. The university’s dining hall offers halal food for Muslim students.

Admission requirements

1. Matric,FSC Results
2. Passport Copy
3. Passport Size Photo
4. Physical Examination Form
5. Application Form

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